Expert Secrets Book Proof #20

Anthony Diclementi – “Biohacking Expert”

“Now I’m Able To Serve Thousands Of People…”
Anthony got into biohacking after experiencing his own health crisis. He suffered from chronic fatigue and felt like he had early onset dementia. His whole body was shutting down.

As he searched for answers, Anthony discovered that there was more to health than just diet and exercise and “trying harder.”

Anthony developed his concept of “biohacking” to give people the ability to take control of their health.

Through Russell’s advice, Anthony has grown a following of over 50,000 Facebook followers and a 40,000+ email list. He went from selling $7 ebooks to having a highly sought-after $10,000 coaching program.

Russell also inspired Anthony to create his first book… which has already sold over 12,000 copies with the funnel he learned from Russell.