Expert Secrets Book Proof #13

Emily Shai – “Sleepover & Kid Entrepreneur Expert”

“Since Russell Brunson started helping me, I’m in the process of helping 2,000 kids write a book and start a business”
Emily Shai loved having sleepovers as a little girl.

At the age of 11 she decided to start a business around sleepovers. She wrote a book titled “5 Steps to the Perfect Sleepover” and sold it door-to-door.

She sold over $20,000 of her sleep over book, making her the #1 sleepover expert in the world!

After writing her book, she wanted to help other kids to learn how to write and sell their books as well. She is now helping kids all around the world to write their first book!

Her mission is to inspire at least 2,000 other kids write their own books and start a business. Expert Secrets has helped her to find her message and get it out to more kids!