Expert Secrets Book Proof #11

Liz Dunoon – “Dyslexia Expert”

“Prior to Expert Secrets, we were struggling to get less than 1% of our visitors to convert to customers. Now we’re doing 4x that!”
Liz Dunoon is a teacher and mother of 3 dyslexic children.

She spent many years researching and struggling to teach her children to read. Out of this challenge she formulated a method for finding and overcoming the roadblocks that prevent children from learning to read.

She realized that there must be other parents who were going through the same struggles as her. She decided to package her inisghts into an online program to help other parents of dyslexic children.

Unfortunately, they struggled to convert website visitors into customers. But after meeting Russell and implementing his Expert Secrets strategies they were able to get four times as many visitors convert into customers.

Today, Liz’s vision is to teach children around the world to read and spell and reach their true potential.